Here at Maxco Futures, we recognise that each marketplace has its own needs and characteristics. That is why we are always seeking reputable professionals and also regulated financial institutions that are legally authorised to hold client funds to increase our client base.

Direct trading accounts on institutional pricing :
  • Direct FX trading through our professional MultiTrader Platform. It also offers direct access to all our products including CFDs and Futures.
Introducing Brokers may be individuals or institutions who gain their income form the commissions and/or rebates by introducing customers to Maxco Futures.
  • Introduce clients directly to PT. Maxco Futures to earn volume rebates from their trading activities.
  • Trade on behalf of clients (through Power of Attorney) to lucrative service charges.

White Label is the "face" of the client terminal which includes the name, logos and other settings of online trading platform

For regulated financial institutions that are legally authorized to hold client funds, a partnership with PT. Maxco Futures offers rapid access to the world of online trading and is a powerful business solution.